About us

The idea behind Sisters & Seekers all started around five years ago. We are fashion loving sisters who have always had an eye particularly for vintage pieces. We began to collect and sell our favourite vintage clothes on eBay in our early teens, getting way over excited every time an item sold (which was around three times in a good month no joke).

We persevered with our small venture as we loved taking the photos and creating the listings, with our Mum going mad about all the clothes around the kitchen.

A few years later, Depop started to be talked about, so we decided to give it a try. The road was very long and patience was definitely key. We kept sourcing and selling the vintage pieces but this time to a new current audience, and slowly we began to build a platform. Today, we have 37k followers which is still growing, along with over 1000 five star reviews.

We love our success with Depop but felt our work and commitment to our page was behind the scenes due to the app being known as a quick money-maker after a big clear out to most people. We wanted to be recognised as a professional brand and for our hard work to grow our very own business.

We want Sisters & Seekers to be a reflection of our own style and a brand dedicated to aesthetics. We as sisters are totally in sync with each other, especially when it comes to fashion and trends. We are so particular with what we like that everything on this website is completely hand picked by us, unlike larger online stores. Due to our work as Instagram fashion bloggers, we feel that attention to detail and good quality outfits that are realistic for every-day wear is so important.

A sister is someone you can rely on, get outfit advice from and seek out your favourite pieces from her wardrobe when she’s not looking. We want our brand to allow you to find what you seek.

We are all sisters here.


All our love,

Alice & Maisie xox